Finale is the thirteth episode in Season 2 of Dreamers, Winners, Hunters. its the fifteeth episode overall. it is confirmed to be the Season 2 finale. it aired on December 9, 2016, as a hour-finale.

Plot Edit

picked up from the last episode, its reaveled that Jesse has returned and is comed to retreve the location of the lounge house, and destroy them once and for all, but they are prepared from them so when they arrive at the school dance its revaeled that Jesse is not alone and his vampire freinds try to go to Ryder and turn him into a vampire, but Jaden blocks him and Jesse truns him into a vampire, and Jaden's last words are ''I Save Myself, I Didn't Belong Here, So I Wanted To Be Free'', and he is knock asleep and they took him to the safe house where they sucessfully wake him but they have learned that's not Jaden as he became a vampire and he knock thet both asleep and hided Jesse and his crew in the cave and Jaden and Jesse and his crew fly away to the afterlife, and leaving his freinds fate unsaid and a To Be Countinued... leading into Season 3.


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