The Vampire Awards is a future episode premiering in 2018. it is the season finale and the thirteenth and fourteenth episode produced in Season 3 of Dreamers, Winners, Hunters.

Plot Edit

ending there senoir year in Middle School, three ghost hunters are packing up and quiting ghost hunting for good but when they discover a black mist is taking the twon by storm they must figure out why its deadly powers are sucking pepole's souls, and must save the fate of the world.

Trivia Edit

  • Given that Season 3 is almost certainly thier last season, this is probaly going to be the series finale.
  • The episode title is subjected to change as it is the production title.
  • it will be a one-hour special.
  • Despite the 15-episodes extension to Season 3, this episode remians the season finale.
  • this episode was originally intended to be airing in late 2017, becuase of the extension it was pushed back to air in 2018.

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